Lease Acquisitions

Our team of professionals know what it takes to handle your exact needs.

Using today’s technology, Tracker Services can produce excellent results.  Time is of the essence during lease acquisition projects.  Urgency and accuracy are always a top focus. We can help you get ahead of the competition, helping get the best return on investment.  Tracker has vast amounts of expertise leasing in highly competitive rural and/or urban settings and this experience has allowed us to develop a streamlined acquisition process for our clients. Tracker is experienced at coordinating and facilitating large lease signing meetings with hundreds of mineral and property owners present. The straightforward approach to land/mineral owners has allowed the Tracker acquisition team to acquire substantial leasehold in many conventional/unconventional plays across the nation.

GIS shapefiles/PDF maps for visual data and daily progress
Town Hall Meetings
Mass Mailings
Production Research
Held-by-Production Leasehold Review
Expert Negotiation
Cutting-Edge Technology to Deliver Proven Results