ROW (Right-of-Way)

Land & Right-of-Way Management

Before you can build your project, your path must be clear. Our real estate acquisition team helps plan and secure the easements and other land rights needed for your route or site, so that you have room to work.

Our land and right-of-way management specialists deliver the outstanding project management, reporting and guidance you seek. Our teams can assist with projects of varying sizes, whether you need to acquire a few parcels of real estate or several thousand easements, access roads and laydown yards. We bring your projects the benefits of working with a land acquisition team that is closely aligned with routing, permitting, engineering and construction teams. Our team delivers insights that can be shared and taken into consideration early in a project.

Complete Land Acquisition, Real Estate and Easement Services

We know from experience that land acquisition initiatives achieve the most successful results when paired with consistent community outreach efforts from the project beginning through the final stages. Today’s projects face expedited schedules, stringent siting requirements, better informed landowners and increasingly organized opposition. That’s why our specialists work as a cohesive team, helping all stakeholders understand your project. Our Stakeholder Data Management System enables management of landowner interactions and supporting documentation efficiently. It offers customizable reports from the massive dataset generated on large projects.

Some of our services:

Negotiation and acquisition of rights
Staff augmentation
Construction liaison
Land valuation studies and appraisals
Damage settlements
Encroachment identification and resolution
Speculative real estate development
Eminent domain support