Title Examination

Title examination is at the core of everything we do as a business.  Attention to detail and accuracy are our main focus when handling your project.  Using cutting-edge technology it is easier than ever to keep you updated and hand over data to present our findings as needed.  Our team has superior title examination experience, and can handle any project thrown our way.

Our areas of expertise include:

Digitized copies of all reports and instruments
Daily title updates provided by Landman
Full drill site runsheets
Mineral examination from sovereignty to present
Title Runsheets
Mineral Ownership Reports
Leasehold Ownership Reports
HBP Analysis
Lot and Block Title
Metes and Bounds
Township and Range
Heirship Reports

Title Curative

Our expert title team is diligent to cure and fulfill even the toughest of requirements.  We are equipped with the tools, skills, and experience to complete any task, big or small.

Our areas of expertise include:

Title Opinion Analysis
Heirship Review
Identify and cure title defects