Landman Services Fort Worth Tx

Landman Services Fort Worth Tx

Landman services in Fort Worth Tx are a necessary part of any project. The mineral and fracking boom made landowners aware of the need to negotiate with extraction firms. Projects themselves require extensive mapping and management to succeed. With over ten years of experience and a team of seasoned veterans, Tracker Services LLC is ready to help.

How do I extract oil and minerals?

Valuable deposits lie beneath the surface across Texas. The resources require advanced equipment, manpower, and invasive procedures to extract.

Once discovered, mapping needs to find the boundaries of a deposit and original ownership determined. If the land is under a lease, other property owners may still be affected. GIS and contract services help ground extraction in the legal framework required to avoid future problems.

The production itself is heavily regulated and highly technical. Wells are drilled, routes created, and equipment placed. Every activity needs to reasonably accommodate the needs of the surface property owners. This can create complex engineering problems.

Extraction often requires access to other minerals. While surface and subsurface property rights are separate under Texas law, groundwater belongs to the surface owner. Using this water requires further negotiation with the owner.

The process does not complete once resources are extracted. Surface owners often require that property be repaired to a nearly original state. This cost is considered in the initial negotiation. Royalties need to be paid as well.

How can a land services company help with my project?

Land services companies handle everything from negotiation to project management. Our work starts the moment a potential parcel is identified.

We help clients establish a chain of ownership and contact every claimant. Once parties are identified, leases form or rights are purchased. Leasing land requires deciding future royalties.

Mapping services form the basis of every contract. GIS helps lay out the exact boundaries of a deposit. This knowledge allows parties to create rights of way and assure that the reasonable accommodation is met in accordance with the law.

Land services do not end with mapping and the formation of contracts. Project management keeps you on schedule and within budget. At times, additional claimants and loopholes are discovered. Contract curation ensures that the original terms remain in place without creating a significant burden to you or the claimants.

Tracker Services LLC understands every step of the process. We offer to help with every step of extraction.

Landman services in Fort Worth TX

Texas is mineral rich. Natural gas and oil are a part of our state history. Extraction firms abound to attend to the different aspects of your project.

You need a capable company backed by experience. We established Tracker Services LLC in 2007 and serve much of the Southern US from our base in Texas. With offer over ten years of experience from a management team in the industry for over forty years in Fort Worth.

If you need help establishing the legal framework for an energy project, need help with land management, or are in the throughs of extraction, we can help. Get in touch today to find out more.

Landman Services Fort Worth Tx
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Landman Services Fort Worth Tx

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